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F1-30 Provincial Champions 

F1-33 Representative Teams 

F1-34 Recreational Teams 

F2-11 Game Protocol 

F2-20 Player Movement 

F2-21 Tryout Process 

F2-22 Female Players - Female Teams 

F2-30 HCAS Hockey 

Hockey Canada Accredited Schools Policy 2020-02-10 Approved 

F2-31 Provincial Championships 

F3-3 Matrix

F9-2 Game Reports DRAFT

F20-3 MMFHL Governance 

F20-4 MMFHL Financials 

F20-4 MMFHL Financial Major U18 Female Template (EXCEL) 

F20-11 MMFHL Conflict of Interest 

F20-13 MMFHL Schedule 

F20-14 MMFHL Competition

F20-18 MMFHL Member Teams Bid Requirements 

F20-19 MMFHL Member Teams Renewal Requirements 

F22-9 Scheduling 

F23-5 Game Protocol 

F23-8 Female Council Overtime Format - updated 2022-03-17


HNSFC Female Tournament Policy 

HNS Regular Overage Player Policy 



The following policies are availabe on the Hockey Nova Scotia website under Safety Policies 

  • Hockey Canada/ Hockey Nova Scotia Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Abuse Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Abusive Parent Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Hockey Canada: Safety Requires Teamwork and Safety For All (Revised: 2020-21)
  • Hockey Canada's Concussion Policy
  • On-Ice Helper Policy
  • Hockey Canada Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy Hockey
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Social Media Policy
  • Hockey Canada Cyber-bullying Administration Manual
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Risk Management Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Mandatory Helmet Memo
  • Hockey Canada's Locker Room Boxing Memo
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Intervention Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia On-Ice Bullying Policy
  • Hockey Canada/Hockey Nova Scotia Hazing Policy
  • Hockey Canada/Hockey Nova Scotia Policy on Dressing Room Supervision
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Winter Travel Policy


Governance Documents and Important Forms and Memos 

Hockey Nova Scotia HP1 Interim Policy Agreement 2021 

HNS Abusive Parent Dispute Resolution Policy 

HNS Vaccine Policy - Effective 2021-09-21


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