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Hockey Nova Scotia - Female Policies

F1.30 Provincial Champions 

F1.33 Representative Teams 

F1.34 Recreational Teams 

F2.11 Game Protocol 

F2.20 Player Movement 

F2.21 Tryout Process 

F2.22 Female Players - Female Teams 

F2.30 HCAS HockeyHockey Canada Accredited Schools Policy 

F2.31 Provincial Championships 

F3.3 Matrix

F9.2 Game Reports DRAFT

Maritime Major U18 Female Hockey League

F20.3 MMFHL Governance 

F20.4 MMFHL Financials 

20.4 MMFHL Financial Template  

  • Excel document

F20.11 MMFHL Conflict of Interest 

F20.13 MMFHL Schedule 

F20.18 MMFHL Member Teams Bid Requirements 

F20.19 MMFHL Member Teams Renewal Requirements 

F22.9 Scheduling 

F23.5 Game Protocol 

F23.8 Overtime Format

  • updated March 2022

Hockey Nova Scotia - Policies | Safety Policies | Memos

HNS Overage Player Policy 

HNS HP1 Interim Policy Agreement 2021 

HNS Vaccine Policy

  • September 2021

HNSFC Tournament Policy 

The following policies are linked to the Hockey Nova Scotia Safety Policies page:

  • Hockey Nova Scotia Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment Protection and Prevention Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Abusive Parent Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Hockey Canada: Safety Requires Teamwork and Safety For All
  • Hockey Canada's Concussion Policy
  • On-Ice Helper Policy
  • Hockey Canada Gender Expression Policy
  • Hockey Canada Dressing Room Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Social Media Policy
  • Hockey Canada Cyber-bullying Administration Manual
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Risk Management Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Mandatory Helmet Memo
  • Hockey Canada's Locker Room Boxing Memo
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Intervention Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia On-Ice Bullying Policy
  • Hockey Canada/Hockey Nova Scotia Hazing Policy
  • Hockey Nova Scotia Winter Travel Policy

The following memos are linked to the Hockey Nova Scotia Memos page:

  • Improving the Culture of Hockey
  • Hockey Nova Scotia update on coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Unacceptable language and behaviour at the rink
  • Hockey Nova Scotia winter travel protocol
  • Involvement of injured/non-active players with team
  • STOP patches on the back of jerseys
  • Dealing with potential team or individual conflicts
  • Dressing room supervision and social media

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